” We are working to raise money to build and establish our own church structure or buying one.
Building a church typically involves several phases, including planning, design, permitting, construction, and occupancy. The planning phase involves identifying the needs of the church community and determining the budget, site selection, and other requirements. The design phase involves creating architectural plans and engineering specifications, as well as selecting materials, fixtures, and furnishings.

Once the design is complete, the permitting phase involves obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the local government and other regulatory agencies. The construction phase involves building the structure, installing electrical and plumbing systems, and completing the interior finishes. Finally, the occupancy phase involves obtaining a certificate of occupancy and opening the church to the community.

Building a church is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, coordination, and execution. It typically involves working with architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals who specialize in designing and constructing religious buildings.”